Elder Bridge

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Its cranking up to be the busiest time of year for family engagements, but the cool weather is starting to draw a close to our season of summer adventures.

A few weeks back, Teri and I loaded up the Jeep for a day of adventure in Oconee County. Packing the Jeep for a photography adventure with no doors or top was an adventure of its own – we finally felt satisfied with loading our hiking packs with our camera gear, and then secured them strapped to the backside of the front seats. We also had to take care to only carry what we needed, and carry everything we had, since you can’t lock something with no doors!

We set out for beautiful Oconee County, a short drive from our hometown. I used to live in Oglethorpe County (just a small skip away) and attended college for a semester at the Oconee Campus of the University of North Georgia (Gainesville State College, when I attended). On my free afternoons, I would often drive the backroads, looking for interesting sights, shops and local lore. Thats how I found Elder Bridge, located just off of Greensboro, marked with a bright green sign.

A cute little historical bridge, it’s one of the few (13 in total) traffic baring bridges in Georgia. It was originally over Watkinsville-Athens Road, but was moved to the present site in 1924. My favorite detail of the bridge are the small wooden pegs that were used to adjoin the planks. It amazes me that this kind of construction can be so sturdy, and also withstand the test of time.

The property around the bridge is private property, so if you plan to visit, please take care to respect the no trespassing signs, and only park in designated areas.

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