Iron Horse

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I first discovered the Iron Horse by chance, driving along Greensboro Highway on my way to a dentist appointment. There, surrounded by corn and crops, was a giant black iron statute of a horse, inexplicably standing in a field. As I often due, I started doing some internet sleuthing to find out the origins of this mysterious statute.

Iron Horse, also known as Pegasus Without Wings, was a sculpture by Abbot Pattison, an American sculptor and abstract artist. An internationally renowned artist, he was a resident scupltor at the University of Georgia in 1953. He created the Iron Horse and he was placed in fron tof the dormitory of the football team, but inexplicably, the statute was ill-received by the students and turned into the first riot on an American college campus. The statute withstood burning, vandalism and being beaten with hammers, but was quickly moved into hiding. In 1959, it was moved to the farm in Watkinsville, GA, where it remains today.

Its been several years since I’ve driven by the Iron Horse, and I had never actually parked and walked up to the sculpture, but it was the perfect day and this is just the kind of thing that I enjoy doing – stopping to see the things which capture my interest, but usually I just don’t have enough time for. We sipped coffee, walked around the Iron Horse and framed all kinds of different shots against the summer blue sky.

The Iron Horse is made available for viewing with a small parking lot, a small gate that leads to a dirt pathway leading to the horse. There is no admission fee, and no facilities. When we visited there were no other patrons, but the grounds are well kept and the farm is clearly in operation.

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