Watson Mill Bridge State Park


Watson Mill Bridge is another of the State Parks that I have visited numerous times in my life without ever giving much thought to its significance. The Bridge is the longest covered bridge still in use in the State, and the park is one of the few in our area that offers equestrian trails, so I grew up visiting it fairly often. When I lived in Athens, GA it was also a place that I would visit frequently on hot summer days, taking the chance to cool off in the shoals.

The bridge itself is 229 feet long, and was built in 1885 by Washington King, son of Horace King, who was a famous covered bridge builder after he was freed from slavery. It was built using town lattice truss, just like the nearby Elder Bridge, held in place with wooden pegs.

The state park resides in Comer, GA, and is a favorite spot for campers, hikers, horse-back riders, bikers and fishers. I have always enjoyed photographing the bridge and it’s cascading waterfalls. This particular trip was no exception, and we spent an hour or so taking various photos all around the bridge of the water flows, vegetation and (of course) Magnus 🙂

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