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On our most recent trip to Hilton Head Island, we ate a lot of breakfasts. Of all the breakfasts, I think Hilton Head Diner was my favorite.

First, LOOK AT THOSE COOKIES. Those are not abnormally small coffee mugs – they are abnormally large cookies. No, I did not buy one. It might be one of my greatest Hilton Head regrets.

Upon entering the diner, we were seated quickly and our waitress greeted us promptly. We placed our drink, cafe and food orders at the same time, and then she hurriedly disappeared into other duties. After several minutes, our food was delivered, but it wasn’t until a few minutes after that before we finally got our coffee drinks. One small strike, but easily forgivable – they weren’t just coffee drinks, they were espresso-based drinks, so depending on who was manning the machine, its possible they were prepared behind the menu items.

My meal was a daily special – oreo pancakes. Mom opted for french toast, and Marion had a sampler plate. Everything was hot and fresh, and delicious. I think my meal was the winner – actual chopped up Oreo cookies in my pancake, and the pancakes had a nice crispy crust on the edges, my favorite. Moms French Toast was thick and flavorful, and all of Marion’s breakfast items looked delicious, though I must admit I was too focused on my Oreo pancakes to eat any.

On my next trip to the island, I will definitely head back by the diner, and I will for sure grab a cookie this time!

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