The Galloping Galette & Mulberry Riverwalk


Sometimes you have to take a small adventure where you can. Sometimes life gets too hectic to run away to a remote destination, and you have to find your solace in your own backyard. Yesterday was one of those days. I’ve been going through a really hard time (along with the rest of humanity, it seems), so yesterday I took the top off the Jeep (the first time ever for Blue!) and grabbed one of my absolute nearest dearest friends (Teri, of course), and headed for my favorite creperie, The Galloping Galette.

I always order one galette (savory) and one crepe (sweet), and if I’m there with someone else (I’m perpetually bringing my favorite people to this place, because I love it so much, and it never disappoints!) we split them. You truly cannot go wrong with anything on the menu, including coffee.

After our meal, we headed for a local greenspace that I have had on the Adventure Forever map for a long time, but just haven’t visited yet. Its a very small little hiking trail, winding along a river as it carves is way amongst neighborhoods. Its obviously a beloved space, well cared for by its guardians and the community at large.

My favorite kinds of trails and the well worn singlepaths that wind amongst hardwoods, no matter what time of year. I just love the color and texture of the bark, the stretching branches, the details of leaves (or lack thereof!).

The trail is wide, easy to follow, relatively flat, and the perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon. The trail itself is not overly remarkable, but there are small, beautiful details of nature all around. I fitted my camera with a macro lens about halfway through the walk, to begin looking for the tiniest details of spring.

We only did two miles, but there was a little bit more of the trail to explore, so we will definitely be back. This is one of my absolute favorite kinds of ways to spend a few hours on a beautiful afternoon – wandering through nature with a close friend.

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