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Rushing Trading Company, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways.

RTC was founded in January of 2019 by Mattie and Amber Rushing, an unstoppable Mother-Daughter duo with a love for coffee and delectable food. Amber was a successful photographer, so we have that in common, but also apparently a love for shopping local, as RTC makes a serious commitment to supporting as many local vendors as possible. They source their coffee from a local roaster, Cloudland Coffee (who sources their beans from small, women owned farms in South America, another win). They source their tea from another local farm, Zen Tea. Even their charcuterie boards are locally sourced.

I always start my visit with a luscious espresso-based drink, frothy and perfectly balanced, served in an adorable branded mug. Love at first sip.

But my love doesn’t stop there. DIVINE brunch. Absolutely divine. Everything that was served to our table felt like a culinary work of art, and we all left in a blissful carb-loaded food coma. Seriously, I could finish EVERY long-run at this little slice of heaven.

And it doesn’t stop there. If you’ve got a lazy afternoon to just enjoy the sunshine on the square, kick back with a prohibition-inspired craft cocktail. What’s not to love?

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