Navigating the Island – Key West, FL

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Navigating Key West is one of the things that we might do differently on our next trip.

Our trip from north Georgia to the Keys was our first long range road trip in our Tesla Model Y Performance. There were four adults and all of their luggage (and we are not light packers), and it was a surprising comfortable trip – even though we decided to do it in one drive. My husband did the majority of the driving, but I also took over for a few shorted stints, but the full self driving technology definitely helped ease some of the highway fatigue. We found absolutely no issues with charging without having to go out of our way. Our actual condo did not have any charging available, but one of the hotels on the island had a destination charger, so we topped off as needed midweek.

Once you arrive to Key West, you don’t really need a car. Most everyone scoots around town on a moped, e-bike, regular bike, or just hoofing it. There are plenty of pedestrian friendly areas, and the entire island is served by several bus routes. On our next trip, we will probably pick our lodging according to its proximity to bus stops, and plan from there – as it was, our condo was a little bit of a hike from one of the more remote bus stops, but we still enjoyed using the buses to travel throughout the island.

Make sure you pack comfortable walking shoes, because no matter how you get to your destination, you’re sure to find many other things to see and do nearby!

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