Key West Aquarium – Key West, FL

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I’m a sucker for a zoo or an aquarium. I love learning about the animals as individuals, doing research about their species, and getting to chat with their keepers to learn “behind the scenes” facts; so when I found out that Key West had their own tiny aquarium with a very reasonable $20 admission, we scheduled it up for one of our vacation days.

The Aquarium opened in 1935, one of the first aquariums to have an “open air” concept which allowed the tanks to be flooded with natural sunlight, and allow better viewing of the tanks inhabitants. In the 1960s, as lighting techniques became more modern, a roof was added to cut back on the amount of algae in the tanks (which all aquarium hobbyist can certainly empathize with!)

Today the Aquarium hosts a wide range of fish and invertebrates. They have several educational programs, as well as touch tanks and informational displays throughout, and was one of the more enjoyable historic aquariums that I have visited.

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