Royce Alvin Guillebeau Jr

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I want to hear your stories. I want to see your photos. Please share with me your favorite memories of Big Al. Tell me about the way that he impacted your life. We want to cling to the vibrant life and stories that he lived so that he can continue to live on with us until we can go be with him again.

Architecture – Key West, FL

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Not only is Key West a wonderful environment because of its local flora and fauna, but also because of the architecture. There are so many wonderful, quirky and colorful buildings with equally fascinating histories.

Key West Aquarium – Key West, FL

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Today the Aquarium hosts a wide range of fish and invertebrates. They have several educational programs, as well as touch tanks and informational displays throughout, and was one of the more enjoyable historic aquariums that I have visited.

Mallory Square – Key West, FL

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One of the essential Key West experiences is a sunset in Mallory Square. Many nights we were elsewhere on the island, usually seeking dinner, but we did clear our schedule for this experience on one of our evenings.